The workshop will focus on 3 topcis                       


There are over 1000 traditional dances in Mozambique. What all dances have in common is that rhythm comes first, movements come second. Each has a different story, emotion, expression and tradition.


The Marrabenta is a traditional female Mozambican dance that is performed to enhance feminine beauty, empower women and renew their self-esteem. Judith’s class will focus on the learning of Marrabenta and is open to everyone.


Which consist in a mix of Mozambican traditional dance steps and Lindy hop.

We will mainly be working on : 

Recognition of the African Roots in Authentic Jazz and Lindy hop 

  • Percussion, rhythms, poly rhythms; 
  • Posture, connection to the earth, qualities of movements, strength; 
  • Improvisation, call and response, emotional expression, spiritual connection; 
  • Storytelling, imitation of characters, movements from daily life or animals; 
  • Community, human connection, jam circle, competition.

Exploration of the connection Afro Swing; 

  • Play with similar steps and rhythms; 
  • Dancing Lindy Hop/Jazz/Tapp/Blues to African drums; 
  • Dancing African Moves to Swing music; 
  • Mixing African movements with Lindy Hop – social and choreographed; 
  • Invite an “African” expression into Lindy Hop and Jazz.


The classes will be accompanied by African traditional drums!

The level of the workshop is open to everybody.