Workshop Afro Swing from Mozambique
6h classes in Brussels (22-23 June 2019)
6h classes in Ghent (24-25-26 June 2019)
We are honoured to welcome back The Hodi dancers and musicians from Maputo, Mozambique.
Afro Swing is a new movement exploring the African roots of Swing dances and the honoring of this connection. Born out of a year-long friendship between Swedish Lindy Hoppers and Mozambican traditional dancers, in 2014 the Afro Swing movement led to the foundation of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing, a non-profit cultural association. Meanwhile the movement has grown an international community, which comes together at the annual Maputo Dance Camp.
Some of our dancers from Belgium had the chance to visit the Maputo Dance Camp in March. They came back with “one of the most amazing and truth revealing experience of their life. The generosity and the energy of the Hodi dancers opened up a new path in their dancing”.
We’re honoured to have the Mozambican dancers in Brussels and Ghent to share their passion with us. We’re very proud to invite Elias, Augusto, Eugenio and Judith.
Come discover and share with us African rhythms and beat, go back to the roots of your dancing, explore and reflect upon the African heritage of swing dancing and jazz.

 This workshop is organised by LouisLou

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