Break Out

LouisLou presents to you Break Out, an online party with entertainment, performance and live music. For now it is an experiment, with all income donated to charity. 

Expect something unexpected. Let’s get out of our ‘previous swing world’ but still connect to it. Let’s do something we’re not used to do (which can feel a bit weird, but isn’t that the whole reality we’re dealing with anyway?). For those who already know LouisLou, know that we will be a little crazy, creative and original.

Are you ready? Do you feel like giving it a try?

 – read more below the picture / photo credits Sissel Steyaert-


While we’re having a good night, we would like to collect some money for 2 causes:

  • we will provide artists a new way of doing their job. They will be remunerated for their online intervention and we create a perspective to an alternative future.
  • we will donate to a charity organization that supports people in poverty who are more affected by Covid 19. For this edition it will be ‘Gents Solidariteitsfonds voor moeilijke tijden’, a collaboration of 13 associations that support vulnerable groups.

LouisLou will organize this Break out voluntarily. If it works well, it will be repeated. 

We want you to enjoy yourself, have fun and having a good night. In return we kindly ask you to donate. 

Our recommended donation is €10. More is great, less is fine too. Basically you give what you think it is worth and feasible for you. 


This online and social distance world is new for us as organizers, as it is for you. 

We’re still experimenting with different concepts. We would like to hear your feedback. A form with questions will be available. You would help us a lot if you could share your thoughts. Only this way we can improve and present a better project to you. 

Looking forward!

Sep & Leni

Break Out

Saturday May 16th

19h45 – 20h45
dance taster: let’s-get-loose-attitude

21h* – 23h
online dance party with games, performance and live music
*For everybody’s best experience, we want you to be there at 21h!

23h – … 


Thanks for donating for artists & charity

recommended donation: €10

More is great, less is fine too.

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