Big City Blues

Here you find the info about the fourth edition in 2020

What’s it about?

Big City Blues offers couple tracks and a solo track.

In the couple track we’ll focus on the earlier and more authentic styles of blues dancing and music. These styles mainly, but not exclusively, originated in two different types of dance venues: the juke joint and the ballroom. We’ll work with both ends of the spectrum. The focus will be on rhythm, partner communication, ‘blues’ philosophy and specific movements. Because your solo movement is an important and basic part of couple dancing, we include an hour of solo dancing in this track. 

You’ll have classes with Natalia (CO), Kenneth (USA), Genia (UA), Arnas (LI), Ioanna (GR) and Alex (GR).

In our solo track we’ll offer a wide variety of blues dancing and music, with Els and Sep. You’ll be guided through a type of blues dancing that’s both raw and sensual. They’ll make sure you feel relaxed and confident while mastering some smoking hot blues moves. Els draws her inspiration from great solo dancers such as Sandra Gibson. Sep will touch a style of dancing that could be seen in the places where the jukebox determined the fashion, ranging from heavy classic blues, funky grooves to intens slow jazz. We’ll take you on a journey from the vaudeville theaters to the party houses where blues thrived like never before.

You’ll have classes with Els (BE), and Sep (BE). 


Attention: The level description is a first indication to make a choice for your registration. We will split up and define the groups according to the actual level of dancing experience. Therefore we’ll take time during the festival to dance together and organize balanced groups. This will happen on Saturday at 12h. 

Couple track – Stompers – WAITINGLIST

No prior experience or knowledge required. If you have never danced blues before, this is the place to be!

Couple track – Jukers  – WAITINGLIST

You danced some blues before and you’re familiar with some first concepts of blues dance. You took a couple of classes in the past and you’re eager to put your next steps in the blues dance? We welcome you in the Jukers!

Couple track – Shufflers  – WAITINGLIST

You have been dancing blues for some time now? You’re accustomed to specific body movement, lead/follow dynamics and rhythmical dancing because of your previous (couple) dance experience? Great! See you in the Shufflers!

Couple track – Draggers – 

You are a solid blues dancer, you’ve taken a decent amount of classes, you have been training and you have social danced a lot. Maybe you have even compete or performed. With this track, we like to challenge our more advanced blues dancers. In this classes we’ll pay more attention to details and more difficult exercises. If you doubt about this group, feel free to contact us.


You’re comfortable with dancing to blues music and you want to learn more? This track aims at the more experienced dancers, but we invite beginning blues dancers that don’t mind a challenge to join in. Beginners will be able to join the solo track, but the tempo will be higher than what is expected in a ‘beginners class’.

Schedule *

Saturday Couple blues:                          Saturday Solo Track:                              Sunday (couple & solo blues)

11:15 – 12:20 registration                         12:30 registration                                      13:00 – 17:30 classes (with breaks)

12:00 – 13:00 Group distribution             13:00 – 18:30 classes (with breaks)           

13:00 – 18:30 classes (with breaks)

* Changes are still possible


Classes will take place at “Danshuis De Ingang” in Ghent. Hurstweg 8, 9000 Gent.

Big City Blues is organised by LouisLou. Design by Claire Deberle.