Big City Blues

Have a look at who will share their blues spirit with you during the Big City Blues classes. A nice mix of local and international blues talents!

Lauren Fekete (USA) & Nejc Zupan (SI) 

Nejc is one of the first new generation swing dancers in Slovenia. He is the main person behind the growing popularity of Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues in Slovenia. A teacher, choreographer, musician and an organizer for the past 10 years. His experiences in teaching with different partners -so he keeps the focus on social dancing and a natural approach – and his years of dance experience makes Nejc a unique teacher to welcome at Big City Blues.

Lauren Fekete began her dance career in Ohio, USA where she undertook 16 years of formal dance training in several styles including ballet, contemporary and hip hop. During her higher education she has been exposed to blues, swing, and Argentine tango. Since her first introduction to the style 8 years ago, she has taught blues intermittently in both Scotland and the U.S. and has and travelled and competed at various blues & swing events worldwide.

Jill De Muelenaere (BE) & Alex McCormark (BE)

For Jill & Alex, Blues has always been a natural outcome of late nights and slow drag music, when it’s just about sharing and being in the moment. They take a lot of inspiration from Savoy ballroom Blues from the 1950s as well as african roots for solo dancing. They feel that greatest challenge is in letting go and being ultimately uninhibited.

Ira Ishchuck (UA) & Sep Vermeersch (BE)

Since their first encounter at Lindy Shock in Budapest, Ira and Sep became good friends and regular social dance partners. Recently they have been training and working more together. Their broad interest in ‘the good old vintage dances’ and the different music styles got them also into blues. Get ready to ‘steal’ some badass and elegant dancing from this unique dancing couple.

Irene Ragusini (GR)

Irene is Greek Italian. She is a visual artist and a dancer. Trained in ballet for many years, she likes to try different things to combine her experience gained from different dance forms, aiming for better technique as well as rhythmical and musical understanding. Her curiosity led her to lindy hop, in Athens in 2010, but she really got to know it in Gent, where she lived for almost two years. When it comes to Blues, although she believes it’s one of the most personal and expressive branch of jazz dances, she loves researching about the original dancers and get inspired by them. In her classes she likes to give people tools in order for them to find ways to express
themselves, but also learn about important dancers and their legacy.

Els Houttequiet (BE)

Els was first influenced by modern dance and since then has been focusing on authentic jazz and blues dance, gaining profound knowledge and abilities in those styles. Inspired by oldies like Sandra Gibson and Mabel Lee, she loves a type of blues dancing that’s both raw and sensual. She is actively teaching for Crazy Legs Dance School in Ghent and is member of the “Steam Heat Cats”.

Sep Vermeersch (BE)

As solo dancer, Sep has a very unique style. He won several competitions in the solo blues and charleston.

Big City Blues is organised by LouisLou. Design by Claire Deberle.

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