Big City Blues


Friday 14 February 2020

Let’s start the weekend with a kick-ass night! A life band and awesome company, what could anybody want more?

Great mix of different feels of blues music.

Doors: 20:30

Live music: Big City Blues all stars with Mathieu Najean (sax), Arne Demets (guitar and singing), Renaud Crols (piano), Bernd Coene (drums), Karel Algoed (bass).

Teachers intro

Location: Danspunt, Sint Salvatorstraat 18, 9000 Gent

Saturday 15 February 2020

Put on your nicest frock, your best suit and bring your best moves, this is slow drag night! A wide range of slow jazz and intimed Missy Sippy blues.

Doors: 21:00

Live Music: l’Escaut Blues + surprise band

River Hip Solo Contest and performances.

Location: Danspunt, Sint Salvatorstraat 18, 9000 Gent

Sunday 16 February 2020

It’s gonna be great! Better keep your Sunday evening and Monday morning free ;). Juke Joint! A crazy night of raw, sexy and wild blues

Doors: 20:30, first set live music 21:00

Live Music: Big City Blues Throw Down with Tim De Graeve (guitar and vocals), Bart Mulders (guitar and vocals), Big Dave Reniers (harmonica and vocals), Filip Vandebril (bass), Frederik Van den Berghe (drums).

Chicago Rumble Throw Down contest & performances

Location: Missy Sippy, Klein Turkijke 16, 9000 Gent

Big City Blues is organised by LouisLou. Design by Claire Deberle.